User guide

- Instagram has limits on how many actions you can perform per hour. This app does not remove the limits, noone can.

- All it can do is to automate the process and keep retrying until all tasks are done.

- You need coins to perform tasks (unfollow/block/unlike/etc.). One task costs one coin.

- You have 100 coins at first. You can get more by watching video ads or purchasing Unlimited coins.

- You can see your remaining coins from tab More > touch top-right icon.

- Whitelist contains people that will not be unfollowed or blocked. It avoids accidental actions.


- We do not store your password anywhere.

- We do not do anything on behalf of your account without your consent.


- This app only offers one-time purchases. You pay once, use forever. There is no recurring subscriptions.

- If you reinstall the app, you can restore purchases for free.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us anytime.